Voting For Salty Zombies Servers Helps Us Grow

Vote For Salty Zombies

“Lets Build This Community Together

Voting for our servers helps us grow. So many people are checking out these voting server websites looking for an active gaming community they can call home. You get little bonuses in the game as a reward for helping us grow and voting for our server. And if you really want to be super helpful, please vote for all the other games as well, even if you’re not playing on them. It only takes a few seconds on each.

Vote For Our 7 Days To Die Servers

The Salty Zombies gaming community is mainly 7 Days To Die based. It was the first game we ever hosted. That’s why we have 7x 7 Days To Die Servers, 4 in the USA, 2 in Europe and 1 in Asia. Voting for our 7 Days To Die servers gets you 200 Salty Coins, and you can vote every 24 hours. Once you have voted, you just type /vote in-game chat and the coins will be added to your account.

Our 7 Days To Die voting system is set up so that no matter what server you play on, you can vote on the same page. Click the orange button below to go to the voting website:

Vote For Our RUST Servers

We have multiple RUST servers that you can vote for. Of course, you can vote for the one you are playing on to receive the benefits. But to help our RUST community grow, you could also help by voting for them. You can vote every day and receive 100 scrap points that you can use to spend in the /shop. You also get bonus items for consecutive voting:

1st – 200 Salty Coins
2nd – 100 Salty Coins
3rd – 100 Salty Coins + Supply Crate
4th -100 Salty Coins
5th – 100 Salty Coins
6th – 200 Salty Coins + Supply Crate
7th – 100 Salty Coins
8th – 100 Salty Coins
9th – 100 Salty Coins
10th – 500 Salty Coins + Supply Crate
11th – Repeats from 1st vote and onwards

Vote For Our Minecraft Servers

Voting for our Minecraft Java server gives you not only rewards but also everyone on the server. Each time you vote, you get a Voting Key. You can vote every day on all 4 voting websites to get 4 Voting Keys each day. These Voting Keys open up boxes that reward you with standard items. However, you can save these Voting Keys and trade them up for more valuable ones that open boxes with better items inside. For example, you can trade 16x Voting Keys for 1x Rare Key. You can save up 5 Rare Keys to get 1x Ultra Key, and 5 Ultra Keys will get you 1x God Key.

Community Vote Challenge

Every day there is a voting challenge for the community. The number may change depending on the server’s popularity, but for example, if the server gets 50 votes that day. Then everyone currently on the server will get 1x Ultra Key.

Please Note: You have to be in the Minecraft server when voting to receive your Vote Keys

Vote For Atlas PVE Servers

Voting for our Atlas PVE Server is probably the simplest one. You get 300 in-game currency, which you can spend in the shop. You can access the shop by simply typing in chat, /Shop. Here you can buy all sorts of in-game items.

Other Games You Can Vote for

We have other games that you can vote for. However, these games do not give any rewards besides our gratitude and the chance you will get our server more discovered. Doing so will help increase that server’s popularity and possible more gaming friends for you to team up with. There are no rewards, not because we don’t want to give them. But it’s not possible to do so currently in these games.