Voting For Salty Zombies Servers Helps Us Grow

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Voting for our servers helps us grow. So many people are checking out these voting server websites looking for an active gaming community they can call home. You get little bonuses in the game as a reward for helping us grow and voting for our server. And if you really want to be super helpful, please vote for all the other games as well, even if you’re not playing on them. It only takes a few seconds on each.

Add our listings to your favourites.

Adding all our server listings to your favourites not only gives us an achievement to increase our score further, but it also increases your voting power. Just hit the heart icon highlighted in the image here to do that.

SZ voting 7d2D favourites

Vote For Our 7 Days To Die Servers

We have 6x 7 Days To Die Server listings, and for every vote, you get 30 Salty Coins and 1 Salty Cash. Salty Cash can be used to craft things in our Deco Workbench.

In addition, you can earn 30 Salty Coins and 1 Salty Cash by voting for all our game server listings below. That’s right. You can vote for our RUST, ARK, Conan, and DayZ server listings and claim the rewards in 7D2D.

You can vote for all these listings once every 24 hours. to claim, type /szvote in the game chat.

7 Days To Die Players can vote for the RUST, ARK, Conan & DayZ servers below for an extra 30 Salty Coins per vote:

Vote For Our RUST Servers

For RUST Players voting for our RUST servers gives you exponential rewards. For example, you get 50 Salty Coins added to your RUST wallet for the first 3 votes. It goes up 50 Salty Coins for every 3 votes you accumulate. On that 3rd vote, you get a supply signal as well. You also get a Super Serum every time you vote. The stats are pictured below.

Once you have voted, type /vote in chat to claim your rewards. Make sure you have space in your inventory for the items. To spend your Salty Coins, type /shop to see what you can buy.


Super Serum Stats

Rust Super Serum

SALTY COINS Accumilation Example

  • Votes 1, 2, 3 = 50 Salty Coins Per Vote
  • Votes 4, 5, 6 = 100 Salty Coins Per Vote
  • Votes 7, 8, 9 = 150 Salty Coins Per Vote
  • Votes 10, 11, 12 = 200 Salty Coins Per Vote
  • Votes 13, 14, 15 = 250 Salty Coins Per Vote
  • Votes 16, 17, 18 = 300 Salty Coins Per Vote
  • Votes 19, 20, 21 = 350 Salty Coins Per Vote
  • Votes 22, 23, 24 = 400 Salty Coins Per Vote
  • Votes 25, 26, 27 = 450 Salty Coins Per Vote
  • Votes 28, 29, 30 = 500 Salty Coins Per Vote

Vote For Our ARK PVE Clusters

Vote for our ARK PVE Cluster and earn 200 Salty Coins Daily

Vote for our Conan Exiles Server

You can vote for our Conan Exiles PVE Server here

Vote for Our DayZ Server

DayZ PVE server